VOTE From These 6 Small Venues For Hollywood Assassyn To Play Next!

censored_Lg_16_smokeHollywood Assassyn is making a come back! We are looking for the loudest, most intimate, bad ass venue to play a show at. We haven’t played in over a year, and we have new stuff to play for you. We have narrowed it down to these fine establishments known for their awesome reputations of good times, who gives a fuck, and rock n roll. Just the way it should be!

Please vote for where you would like to see us play, and we will oblidge!

Bring all your buds and girls, and let’s have a good old time.



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Hollywood Assassyn ON-AIR with the Deuce Radio Show Episode 157

Hey Friends and Fans,

We just got word that we will be featured on the Deuce Radio show which is broadcast on KWSS in the USA which attracts over 18,000 listeners, Indie 104 with over 150,000 listeners and a large number of other FM, Digital and Internet Stations aroud the world!

A full list of stations can be found at http://www.deucemp.com/deuce_show.html

Listen to the podcast here!



Download the original 2008 Hollywood Assassyn EP for FREE!

Hollywood Assassyn Free Download

Hello friends and fans!

And thank you for visiting and caring about an Indie Band like us!

So in an attempt to spread both our name and our music we have decided to give away something that you absolutely cannot get your hands on!

We get asked all the time for our original 5 song EP from our debut year as a band in 2008, but we don’t have it on iTunes or available for download anywhere. So what I’m gonna do is make a deal with you.  You help us get more exposre and Facebook fans, and we’ll give our are debut album!

Step 1.

LIKE US on Facebook! Just click the little like button right below here!

Step 2.

Share this free give away by clicking on the button below and when the Facebook share box comes up, please copy and paste this message into it, or make it your own!

Hollywood Assassyn is giving away their debut 5 song EP just for liking their facebook page! Click on this link to get your copy for free!

Once those two steps are completed, then BAM, you’ll be whisked to a download page where you can download our 2008 EP with the following songs:

  1. Variations
  2. Right Here
  3. Fortune Faded
  4. Short Lived
  5. Heed
  6. Pretty Shade of Blue

SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: Hollywood Assassyn LIVE with Vince Neil, May 11/2012

Yup, Hollywood Assassyn is at it again back to back with Vince Neil.

Hollywood Assassyn with Vince Neil

We will be playing live at the Field House/Artic Ice Center on Friday May 11, 2012.

You can get tickets here: Slave Lake Aid

Brand New Single – Simple Stupid

Ok fellas,

I’m posting this on my blog, but only for a short while. It’s the new tune Simple Stupid by yours truly!

It’s best listened to LOUD, so make sure you CRANK it!


Hollywood Assassyn LIVE with Vince Neil

Hollywood Assassyn LIVE with Vince Neil - Cheap Tix hereHey Everyone,

A great new show just got added!  This will be happening on Friday, Sept 16th, 2011.

Vince Neil
Hollywood Assassyn – http://www.myspace.com/hollywoodassassynmusic
No Heat Tomorrow – http://www.myspace.com/noheattomorrow

Go to our Facebook event for info on how you can get cheap ass tickets!


Hollywood Assassyn gets 2 dates with Finger 11

Hey Folks,

Ok so we are just home from 2 dates we did with Finger Eleven.

Turns out that Bryan from Hail the Villain has had to cancel his 9 week tour due to some throat issues he’s had and it has created an opportunity for us. We were offered to take their spot on one date up in Grand Prairie, Alberta at Rock City.

Neither of our two bass players was able to make the show, but we did not want to turn this down. Thankfully a friend of ours Erin Dobbin learned 11 songs 24 hours before we took the stage and we were able to make it happen.

One smashed out window, and a caved in trailer roof later, we arrived to find out that The Envy who was touring with Finger Eleven were stuck back in BC because their van had broken down. Now we were moved from opening of 3 bands, to immediate support. We were also checked out by management and offered to play two further dates, one in Cold Lake, AB and another in Ft. McMurray, AB of which we could only do the one on such short notice and with a replacement bass player who thought he was signing on for 1 gig.

We did take the Cold Lake gig and both shows were amazing. Crowds continue to really eat up our brand of hard rock and merch sales are going strong which is great cause we are so fucking broke!

So, things were kick ass and we really appreciate the boys from Finger Eleven giving us this opportunity.

Next up is an acoustic set by Herc Magnus Feb 20th at The Pint and then the fund raiser hall party so we can hit a tour! Please check our facebook page for those dates!


Later kids!

Hollywood Assassyn LIVE at Boonstock Friday July 1, 2011

Hollywood Assassyn will be playing 2 slots at the Boonstock Music Festival this year. We are honored to play the Main Stage this year with the following bands:

  • A Perfect Circle
  • Three Days Grace
  • Sublime
  • Seether
  • Five Finger Death Punch
  • Crash Kings
  • Dirty Heads
  • My Darkest Days
  • Jonas and the Massive Attraction
  • Like A Storm

And the B-Stage with these bands:

  • Creedence Clearwater Revisited
  • Rocky Hot Box
  • All Else Fails
  • No Heat Tomorrow
  • Night at the Chelsea
  • Silo
  • Oldbury
  • Keep Six
  • Gunshy
  • Greg Wood
  • The Dryland Band
  • Call Before You Dig
  • The Order of Chaos
  • Seven Straight
  • Kryple
  • The Red Threat

You can get tickets and more info from the main website located here; http://www.boonstock.ca

Boonstock 2011 Line up

Hollywood Assassyn: Regional Winners of 2011 Canadian Radio Star Song Writing Competition

Great news today!

We have just been notified that we have wont he regionals for the 2011 Canadian Radio Star song writing competition. We have won a nice prize package but the real prize is that we are being flown to Toronto on March 11 – 13 to be showcased a Canadian Music Week. This will be huge exposure for the band!

Here are some links to check things out;
Radio Star: http://www.radiostar.ca
Canadian Music Week: http://www.cmw.net
Canadian Music Fest: http://www.canadianmusicfest.com

We are super excited about this win and if you are in the Toronto area, please come watch us play!

Hollywood Assassyn LIVE with Hail the Villain at The Pawn Shop Feb 4, 2010

Hollywood Assassyn will be opening the night along with No Heat Tomorrow and the new sensation Hail The Villain at the Pawn Shop in Edmonton, Alberta. This takes place on Friday, February 4th at 8pm.

Get all the details about this show on our Facebook Event Page: